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Top 10 Best Makeup for Oily Skin & Acne Prone Skin

by Christine GlasgowNovember 26, 2016

People who suffer from oily or acne prone skin clearly understand the difficulties in choosing the right makeup kit. We are always scared that we might end up with a bad acne reaction. I remember my teenage years, and how difficult it was for me to pick up a makeup set from the shelves.

I was constantly wondering whether it might cause a reaction and I would never get to use it again. It’s not just the money you spend; it’s about not knowing how the makeup might react with your skin. I have very sensitive skin, and I always have to be careful when purchasing makeup for my face. I am sure all of you reading this also carefully go through the list of constituents used in the makeup to check for common names such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid or even glycolic acid when buying any new makeup kit.


These are just some of the chemicals that can actually help soothe oily or acne prone skin. People with oily skin can’t use standard makeup kits. Well, I mean, they can, but it won’t stick for long. Due to the excessive oil produced by your skin, the makeup will effectively “wash off” within a while. It’s a personal nightmare: think about standing in a party and realizing that your makeup is peeling off in chunks from different parts of your skin. I shudder at the thought! However, does that mean that people like us don’t have any options available for applying makeup? Thankfully not! Millions of people suffer from oily and acne prone skin, and cosmetics companies realize this. There are hundreds of different products out there that are designed specifically for application on oily or acne prone skin. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the article and count down the top 10 makeup products for those who have oily or acne prone skin.


Here’s my Top 10 Pick for the Best Makeup for Oily Skin & Acne Prone skin


#1. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation Makeup with Pump – Best Makeup for Acne


The Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation promises to stick to your skin all day. The company claims their product is the number one foundation in America. It’s available in 35 different shades and is relatively comfortable and lightweight. Apart from being readily available at almost every super store in the world, the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation is hands-down the best product you will find in the market right now. It works just as you would want: the mess-free pump is easy to use and doesn’t cause problems.

The foundation absorbs easy and best of all, doesn’t make your face feel too heavy. It’s so lightweight that you won’t even feel that it’s there. I guess that’s one of the main reasons why I like the product. Of course, there are plenty of other benefits, such as the fact that it’s available in such an extensive range of shades. You can easily choose the one that best suits your skin type.


#2. Bare Minerals Bareskin (Bare Escentuals)


The rebranding by Bare Minerals definitely worked. The company claims it to be a breakthrough tone-correcting foundation that comes infused with different minerals to protect your skin. However, that’s a bit of an overstatement: you can’t expect your foundation to work as a sunscreen, hold your makeup, and also protect your skin. However, keeping aside the marketing claims, the Bare Minerals Bareskin is actually a pretty nice primer for oily skin and acne prone skin product. It’s lightweight, moisturizing and on top of that, provides decent protection against the sun. However, the application process is slightly different, so you must first get the hang of that. The only con that I could find was that the marketing claims weren’t on point.


#3. Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 – Best Makeup for Acne Prone Skin


If you are worried about the acne flaring up after applying any new foundation, I would recommend that you give Clinique Even Better a chance. The company claims that it will make your skin “even better” without any makeup. Basically, it’s a liquid foundation that contains a blend of titanium dioxide (for sunscreen protection) and zinc oxide to rejuvenate your skin. It’s very smooth and easy to apply, and I can tell you that it didn’t cause any acne flare-ups in my experience. There’s a pretty expansive palette available for you to choose from as well. It’s designed primarily for oily skin, so it pleases me to no end when I say that the foundation lasted me throughout the course of the day. I didn’t even need any touch-ups along the way.


#4. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Liquid Foundation


Despite the confusing name (talk about self-marketing), the brightening liquid foundation by Oxygen Wow is actually pretty decent. It comes in a small bottle with a push dispense, and is completely oil-free. It’s designed to provide hydrating benefits to your skin, and it does just that. Having used it for two weeks, I was pretty satisfied with the foundation myself. However, just know that it is slightly more expensive than others on this list, retailing for around $36 directly from their store. So, I guess that’s one downside to the product. There are 10 color palettes available from the brand.


#5. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


I don’t think Giorgio Armani needs any introduction. The brand is famous for its fashion items, though it’s been making waves in the makeup industry as of late. They are everywhere: you can even find fragrances with the Armani brand too. However, does the Luminous Silk Foundation work as advertised? Well, not exactly. Despite the high price point ($64!), I was hoping that it would last longer than it did. While it’s light and creamy and works as you would expect, my only gripe is that it doesn’t last as long. I had to constantly touch-up the foundation to ensure it stayed in place.


#6. Clarin’s Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil Free Skin Balancing Foundation


Clarin’s is a pretty reputable brand, and one that I can certainly get behind. Their Oil Free Skin Balancing Foundation comes out like a silky fluid that feels really light upon application. It creates a soft, matte finish on my skin within minutes, and remains in place for a long time. However, for people suffering from really oily skin, I wouldn’t recommend this product. It provides sheer to light coverage, and if you have pretty oily skin, it won’t be long before the foundation wears off. It’s designed for people who have moderate oily skin, so make sure you choose accordingly.


#7. Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup


Estee Lauder is such a popular brand across the globe that most people don’t even think twice before buying their products. However, according to the company, you won’t feel or see any makeup after application. Is that claim true? Well, not exactly. I mean, of course you can feel that you have applied a foundation, but it is also slightly heavy on the skin. However, it’s designed for oily or “combination” skin, which means that anybody can use it. It’s a decent product, and of course, coming from such a reputable brand, you shouldn’t have any qualms about the ingredients used.


#8. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation


According to the company, this foundation gives you 15 hours of wear. In my experience, it was just around ten. However, that’s still quite a lot considering the other products in the market, which is why the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation comes in at number eight.


#9. Stila Stay All Day Illuminating Beauty Foundation


The Stila Stay All Day Illuminating Beauty Foundation is a decent product that definitely does the job as described. The high-definition foundation is pretty creamy and will absorb into your skin with ease. It also offers sun protection up till SPF 30, so that’s another bonus. It doesn’t include any parabens, sulfates or phthalates, which is a plus point.


#10. Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation


There are plenty of different products out there that currently claim to provide a full day of use. The Makeup For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover is one of them, and I have to say, it’s pretty nice. It is relatively airy, and you won’t feel a great deal of heaviness on your skin, though it isn’t totally invisible. All in all, a decent product that provides value for money.


Final Note

And this concludes my top ten list of makeup foundations that you can use on oily or acne prone skin. There are hundreds of other products out there that I may have missed out, I admit. That’s why I am asking you to suggest me some other ones that work well on your oily or acne prone skin. Also, have you used any of these products in the past? If yes, how was the experience? I would love to know more about the different products that you guys use, so do let me know in the comments section below! Let’s get started!

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