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Top 10 Best Makeup for Oily Skin & Acne Prone Skin

Best Primer for Oily Skin: Top 10 Primers for Oily Skin and Acne Prone Skin

Make-up Primers For Sensitive Skin If You Struggle With Acne Or Oily Skin

by Christine GlasgowNovember 26, 2016

Oily skin is a real buzzkill, and I can verify that claim myself. Dermatologists have been searching for ages to find a reason why so many people have oily skin, yet it’s difficult for them to really come to an agreement. Some claim that genetics play a role, while others believe that your diet, cigarette smoking, and other habits play a direct part. Either way, the bottom line is that oily skin can be terribly frustrating.


You can’t tweak your genes, obviously. However, what you can do is minimize the factors that contribute to the production of oil in your skin. Some of the factors involved in excessive oil production by your skin include blockage inducing cosmetics, excessive stress, your diet, and cigarette consumption. Keep these in check, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and lo and behold, the amount of oil produced by your skin will decrease dramatically. However, this article is not about treating oily skin. It’s about the different primers that you can use on your oily or acne prone skin.


I have to say, I have had many people tell me that they don’t even know what makeup primer actually is. That’s a huge surprise, because let me tell you, you are missing out! Makeup primer can considerably help you reduce the amount of shine from your makeup. It can also help create a very smooth base for the foundation, thus allowing you to apply the makeup easily. Using primer before applying makeup on your skin will make it last considerably longer and will keep it properly stuck to your skin.


The last thing that you would want is for people to think that you have applied more makeup than necessary. Maintaining a balance is essential, and that is exactly what makeup primer does for you. However, I know many people who skip this step, thinking it’s not a requirement. For those who have oily or acne prone skin, applying ordinary makeup can be a hassle. It tends to fall off very quickly. With the help of a primer, you can make it last longer! So, here are the top 10 primers for oily skin that you can use.

Best Primer for Acne Prone Skin: My Picks


#1. Makeup Primer by Eclipse, Premium Primer Makeup


The Makeup Primer by Eclipse is the best makeup product that I have used, and for good reason also. The primer is extremely lightweight and is very easy to apply. Whenever I want an instant boost of confidence, I always go for this one. It is completely crease-proof, and according to the company, will also smooth out your wrinkles. In my experience, this is one of the few products that actually does affect your wrinkles. Moreover, it also helps hiding the pores and primes your skin up for different types of makeup.

In my experience, it easily lasted around 12 hours, which is a long time indeed. Perhaps the best thing about the Makeup Primer by Eclipse is that it’s very easy to take off. Perhaps the best way to sum up my review of this is that it looks very close to liquid silk.


#2. Maybelline Face Studio Master Primer – Best Primer for Oily Skin


This is by far one of the best primers that you will find in the market, especially if you have oily skin. I can understand the plight of millions of women who have difficulty in finding the right primer for their skin, but I can tell you that I haven’t used a better product than this. It retails for around $9.99 and immediately blurs the imperfections in the skin tone, creating a firm, even texture. The formula is designed so that it doesn’t clog pores, so that’s another benefit. It’s quite lightweight, and the non-oily mixture is perfect for use on a daily basis. You know that feeling that you get when your skin becomes heavy after applying a primer? Well, you won’t get it with this one. All in all, an excellent product.


#3. Revlon ColorStay Makeup


Arguably one of the best drugstore foundations that you will find in the market right now, the Revlon ColorStay Makeup is designed for oily or “combination” skin, which basically means that you can use it on any type of skin you want. You can apply it using a firm makeup brush. It’s a relatively thick formula, so you will have to be gentle when applying it on your skin. It’s available in different palettes, and also comes with a pump. The only problem that I found with this product was that it enhanced the dry patches on my skin and caked up around the nose. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic product altogether.


#4. Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation- High Quality Primer Makeup for Oily Skin


The Givenchy Mister Mat Mattifying Foundation comes from one of the most reputable houses of fashion, and is a product that definitely does wonders. It’s a simple powder gel that you can apply on your skin and can be used separately or in tandem with other makeup products. It controls sebum production and gives a long-lasting matte effect which looks quite pretty. I have used many products on my oily skin in the past, and I can tell you that this product is definitely one of the best in the market right now.


#5. bareMinerals Prime Time Foundation Primer


First off, let me tell you that this product is free of preservatives. That’s probably good news for your skin, but also means that you should use the product within a smaller timeframe than others on the list.  It’s designed to fight against dryness, excessive oil and the uneven skin tone that many people have. It’s made with a number of different plant extracts, antioxidants and minerals, and just like many of the other bareMinerals products that I have used in the past, works amazingly well. You won’t be disappointed at all!


#6. Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer


The Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Primer is a lightweight, water-based primer designed for those who are suffering from oily or acne prone skin. It contains 60 percent water according to the ingredients list, and claims to provide a light, matte finish on your skin for the course of the day. It also includes vitamin C and other peptides, making it a great choice for use on a regular basis. It doesn’t contain any parabens either, so that’s another plus point.


#7. The POREfessional face primer


The POREfessional face primer is an excellent product that I would recommend to everyone. It drastically minimizes the appearance of my acne scars and also makes my skin seem silky smooth. It’s a translucent formula that mainly contains Vitamin E along with other antioxidants and products, and can protect your skin from those free radicals. It’s completely oil-free and definitely helped keep my makeup on for longer than expected.


#8. Too Faced Cosmetics Primed and Poreless


The Too Faced Cosmetics Primed and Poreless Primer sells for $30, and provides excellent value for that price. It was designed to be applied under bronzers and contains a range of different ingredients, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Mulberry Extract, and others. The skin tone immediately becomes brighter and more radiant, and it definitely adds a bit of radiance to the face. It’s an excellent product that has received rave reviews from hundreds of customers all over the globe.


#9. Perfekt Skin Protection Gel


Most people don’t really know about Perfekt, but let me tell you that if you wanted a decent primer for your skin, this tinted complexion gel is a great choice for people who don’t want to experiment. Yes, it’s somewhat costly ($48 MSRP), but it definitely works. It can give your skin that tinted complexion that you want; the company uses some smart color technology that claims to keep your skin rejuvenated and healthy.


#10. Neutrogena Shine Control Primer


Neutrogena doesn’t really need an introduction: it’s a world-renowned brand. However, their Shine Control Primer leaves a lot to be desired. That’s not to say it isn’t any good, since it works well for 8 hours or so and can significantly prolong the life of applied makeup. However, when compared with the other products on this list, the Neutrogena Shine Control Primer is definitely worth it.

With so many different products out there, I understand that it can be slightly difficult for people to choose the right one. That’s the main reason why I compiled this list.

Have you used any of the products on this list? If you have, how was your experience? I am sure some of you will have different comments (of course, we all have different types of skin), so I’d love to know more about your experience. Do share your opinions in the comments below! Better yet, if you would like to make any recommendations for products that are not on this list, let me know in the comments section below so I can check them out as well!

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