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by Christine GlasgowOctober 12, 2016

Back acne – sometimes referred to as bacne – is a skin condition that many people have to live with. Facial acne is annoying, unpleasant to look at and unpleasant to live with but at least you can see it easily and so dealing with it is not too hard as long as you have the right treatment solutions and remedies. The face is not the only place that acne can be a problem though.


The Challenges of Back Acne

Bacne is easier to hide of course; you just keep it covered up with clothing. But who wants to do that in the spring and summer, seasons that were made for skimpy tank tops and strappy summer dresses? And as back acne is a problem guys suffer with too, cool muscle tees and even bare chests.

So, how do you deal with an issue that’s rather hard for you to actually see but is easy for the rest of the world to spot? Back acne is not even the same as facial acne. It has the same basic causes – the overproduction of sebum that then, combined with dead skin cells and other debris leading to pimples and lesions – but the pores that clog are larger, making the problem itself larger too.

Bacne will often manifest itself as painful lesions and/or very pus filled pimples. Because you really can’t give up sleeping – or wearing clothes – these stubborn back acne breakouts often become irritated very easily, becoming open, painful wounds and sometimes even infected.


6 Surprising Things you must do to get rid of your Back

So just how do you go about getting rid of acne? What acne treatments are out there that can help clear up your skin and allow you to rock those skimpy summer outfits in style? Here are six sensible, effective back acne treatments – and lifestyle tweaks – that you can try, for the most part in the comfort of your own home.

1. Stop Skipping Your After Gym Shower

If you are one of the many folks who use their lunch hour to hit the gym it’s tempt ing – and convenient – to skip hitting the locker room shower, freshen up with a few skin wipes instead and then take a nice long leisurely shower – or even soak in the tub – when you get home.

If you are prone to back acne though that is a very bad idea. Any good gym session means working up a sweat. And if you cover that sweat up with clothing you’ll be creating a breeding ground for the bacteria that a big factor in the formation of bacne. So do yourself a big favor and take that extra five minutes to shower after any activity when you’ve worked up a sweat, even if you were just hanging out in the sun at the beach.

2. Invest in a Great Body Wash

Although acne – and therefore bacne as well – is not directly caused by dirt alone, it is caused, in part by an overproduction of oily sebum and clogged pores. That means that it really does matter what you choose to wash your body with.

Standard shower gels are often not the best choice as not only are they rather harsh – which means that they strip the body of essential oils, causing the body to overproduce sebum to make up for that – but they are also often rather thick and gloopy, leading to clogged pores.

If you are prone to developing back acne, then your best option is to make use of a body wash that contains either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If the problem is an aggressive one adding an exfoliator into the mix is a great idea too. Exfoliators remove dead skin cells more effectively than standard body washes and bar soaps, meaning that there is less debris on your skin to potentially clog pores.

3. Change Your Sheets More Often

OK, here’s a warning; things are about to get a little gross for a minute. Every night, as you sleep, sweat, oil and dead skin cells rub off your body and stay there. You won’t even see them for a while and the chances are your sheets will look pretty clean – clean enough to sleep on anyway – when they are really covered in microscopic goop. Goop that will reattach itself to your skin as you sleep and potentially clog pores leading to guess what? Back acne. Yuck.

The obvious way to prevent this problem – and sleep in an environment that’s a little less, well, gross – is to change your sheets more often, at least once every 4-5 days. And if possible opt for cotton sheets, as they are cooler in general and a little more bacteria resistant.

4. Don’t Try to Bake Bacne Away

One myth about back acne that you should definitely ignore is that excessive exposure to the sun – or the rays of a sunbed – will clear it up. It is often true that immediately after sun exposure back acne will appear to have improved. However, the effect is, at best, very temporary and as dead skin cells begin to flake off – you probably think of it as ‘peeling’ – they will block open pores and yes, lead to more back acne.

Aside from that, by now we all know that over-exposure to the sun and UV rays causes premature skin aging and worse, skin cancer. So is it worth risking your life for a very temporary acne fix? Absolutely not. If you will be out in the sun ensure that all exposed skin is properly protected with a high SPF sunscreen and that includes your back.

5. Try a Tomato Treatment

Many of the home remedies that work rather well for facial acne are not very effective treatments for back acne as they are just not strong enough. There are a few exceptions though. One of them, believe it or not, is the bacne fighting power of the humble tomato.

Remember we mentioned that salicylic acid is an effective treatment for back acne? Well tomatoes are actually a great natural source of this skin saving acid, making them a great choice for a home back acne treatment.

You can use tomatoes to fight back acne in two ways. The first is to simply slice a tomato and then rub the slices over the affected area, leave to dry for ten minutes and then rinse way. Alternately you can combine 1 tablespoon of tomato juice with several drops of lemon juice to use as an astringent.

6. Save Your Skin with Supplements

80% of the skin cells in your body can only be reached from the inside. That means that whatever you may do to those outer few layers trouble may always be brewing just beneath. Many believe that taking vitamin and mineral supplements helps to heal and nourish skin from the inside and help prevent new acne and speed the healing of the old stuff.

Supplements recommended to help fight back acne include zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C serums and omega 3 fatty acids. But you don’t have to just pop supplement pills, all of these beneficial vitamins and minerals can be obtained from food too or in form of serums and as that would mean eating more fish, leafy greens and citrus fruits you’ll be improving your overall diet as well.

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