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How to get rid of Blackheads Fast and Permanently: The Right Way

by Christine GlasgowOctober 12, 2016

Important: First, understand exactly what blackheads are, so you don’t damage your skin by trying to scrub them away when trying to get rid of your blackheads.

Because they are small, and very common, many of us don’t really think of blackheads as acne at all. But we do think of them as a problem. However small they may be they are unsightly and in a group, which is generally how they appear, they make the skin look dull, dirty and can really ruin the ‘look’ of an otherwise fairly clear complexion.

Myths about Blackheads You Need to Know the Truth About

One of the biggest myths out there about blackheads in general is that they are caused by dirt. Blackheads have nothing to do with dirt. They are caused by a substance naturally – and necessarily – found in the skin called sebum. Sebum is oil secreted into the skin to help keep it smooth and supple, a natural moisturizer if you like. The problem occurs when the skin produces just a little bit too much sebum and it comes into contact with larger pores, leading to them becoming clogged. I wrote an article earlier covering the main causes of acne, check it out when you can.

The black color that gives these annoying pimples their name isn’t dirt, it’s oxidized oil combined with dead skin cells. So scrubbing and scrubbing at your face IS NOT the answer. This will only dry out the skin, causing the body to produce more sebum, which will lead to even more blackheads and so on and so on. A vicious cycle in other words.

Make up, Skincare and Blackheads

Wearing makeup or foundation does not directly cause blackheads either, if it is removed promptly and properly at the end of each day, which it always should be. Very thick, heavy makeup may contribute to the clogging of pores so a lighter touch may be called for if you do already have rather enlarged pores.

Finally, don’t be drawn in by the myth that blackheads should be treated every day. Some blackhead treatments – including some of the ones we are about to discuss here – are simply too drying for everyday use, so they really are something to only be utilized a couple of times a week.

Here are the 7 most effective and proven ways to get rid of blackheads once and for all

If blackheads are a problem for you the chances are that you are looking for two things; a way to get rid of the ones you have and a way to prevent new ones from appearing. And what you may not have realized is that everything you need to do that is probably in your kitchen and/or bathroom cupboard right now, or, at the very least available at your local grocery store for just a few bucks.

That’s because while you can find all kinds of blackhead remedies and potions at the beauty counter some of the most effective are those you can ‘make’ at home. Here’s a look at some of them:


1. Use a Blackhead Vacuum Suction

The market is full of hundreds of different blackhead removal tools that you can purchase. Each of them offers different benefits, so it’s important that you choose the right one. Blackhead removal kits are pretty cost-effective and offer significant benefits. The good thing about a blackhead vaccum cleanser is that it sucks the dirt from the root —  This helps a lot if you don’t want the blackhead to come back.

One of the best blackhead remover or removal tools in this category would be the Vikeepro Blackhead Removal Electronic Facial Pore Cleaner below. Remember to open up your pores with steam or other method to make this more effective.

The Price: Usually cost anywhere between $25 to $129 on Amazon. The one below cost $100 but it’s on sale for only $41

You must take a warm shower or steam your face with a towel prior to using. And then you can use it gently to suction the blackhead and acne out. You can use it 2 times for a week.


Electronic Facial Pore Cleanser Blackhead Vacuum Extraction

Blackhead removal suction vaccum


Buy from Amazon

2. Use a facial cleansing brush

This often consist of a rotating or pulsating brush head with tiny vibrating bristles that lightly scrub your skin and help promote a breakout-free, bright complexion.

A quality cleansing brush for oily skin and acne can do more to help clean your pores and heal and prevent pimples than your fingers and soap alone — provided you are selecting the right one and taking good care of it.

I use the Clarisonic Mia2 — it’s the best one in the market right now. It’s a bit more expensive, around $129, but this baby is a miracle worker.

The Price: The handheld devices range in price from $100 to $265, while replacement heads ring out to about $30.

Clarisonic Mia2 Cleansing brush system


3. The Clever Clay Mask

Women have been making use of clay to beautify their skins for centuries, all the way back to Ancient Egypt and for very good reason too; clay literally soaks up dirt and oil from the face, pulling all of the debris in the pores that cause blackheads right out.

There are a number of different clays you can choose to use to make a mask but the most effective for those with a blackhead problem is Bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is actually formed out of volcanic ash and contains a number of skin loving minerals that are drawn in by the skin as the clay draws impurities out.

Not sure where to buy it? It’s actually available in both health stores and via online beauty stores for rather reasonable prices. Once you have got your hands on some it is simple to mix it with water and make use of it as a very effective once a week mask treatment that will really help zap blackheads for good.

One word of warning though. Bentonite clay can be rather drying, so if your skin is normally a little dry you may want to leave the mask on for a few minutes less to prevent over drying.

Here’s hands down the best clay mask to get rid of blackheads: The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, I wrote a full article about it here . It cost less than $15 on Amazon.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Buy from Amazon


4. The Egg White Wonder Mask

Whipping up an egg white mask at home offers you that two in one solution you are looking for; it removes existing blackheads and then tightens open pores to prevent them from coming back.


• 1 Large Egg
• Small Mixing Bowl
• Clean Towel


• Begin by separating the egg white from the yolk, setting the yolk aside and leaving the white in the mixing bowl. S
• Stir it gently but don’t whip, otherwise you will end up with meringue!
• Wash your face as useful and then gently pat it dry.
• Apply a layer of egg white all over your face as evenly as possible and then let it dry.
• Once it is dry – and you’ll know because it will feel rather tight – repeat the process, layer by layer, until all of the egg white is gone.

The key to success is letting each layer dry before applying the next, so you will need a little patience.

Once the last layer of the mask is dry was the mixture off with lukewarm water and pat your face dry.

5. Homemade Honey Pore Strips

No doubt you have seen pore strips for sale in the drug store and if you have seen them in action you’ve probably been impressed – and maybe a little grossed out – by how well they can remove blackheads by literally pulling them out. What may be news to you is that you can make these pore strips at home, making use of just honey and milk.

Honey has a number of skin loving properties and the sticky consistency a pore strip relies on to work. Milk’s lactic acid can help improve skin elasticity and soften the appearance of fine lines, so when combined these two common household ingredients pack quite a punch, one that’s made even more effective when you use them to create homemade pore strips.


• 1 tablespoon of honey, raw organic is best
• 1 teaspoon of fresh milk
• A clean strip of cotton fabric


• Mix honey and milk in a microwavable safe bowl
• Once it’s well mixed microwave it the mix for 5 to 10 seconds and then stir again.
• Let the mixture cool off a little bit
• Apply a thin layer to the affected area (blackheads)
• Press the cotton strip firmly down on top and allow to dry for 15-20 minutes.

When it is all dry slowly – slow is the key to real success – peel off the cotton strip and then marvel at all of the nasty blackheads that are now stuck to it rather than stuck in your pores.


6. Crazy Good Citrus Toner

Masks and pore strips are great weapons in the fight against blackheads but they should not be used every day, otherwise you dry out your skin and may make matter worse. A citrus toner is a great acne treatment that you can use to cleanse and tighten pores though and it’s effective but not too harsh. Using lemon and lemon juice to fight acne and acne scars is nothing new either — Just make sure to use a good moisturizer after and a sunscreen to protect your skin


• Lemon (fresh)


• Simply squeeze a fresh lemon and then empty the juice into a resealable container.
• Then, after cleansing your face at night as usual apply the lemon juice to open pores with a clean cotton ball.
• Leave it on overnight and then rinse away in the morning.
You can repeat this treatment every other day for the best possible results.

Blackheads are a problem that affects so many of us, so we hope trying one or two of these easy home remedies will help you. Why not give them a try and then let me know how they work for you?


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