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by Christine GlasgowOctober 12, 2016

Ultimate Guide on How to Prevent Acne

If you suffer with acne breakouts – even occasional ones – chances are that you spend plenty of time – and in many cases money too – trying to get rid of those pesky pimples as quickly as possible. The question is though; are you doing enough to try to prevent them from rearing their ugly heads in the first place?


Why Bad Acne Happens to Good People?

There are many causes of acne and the fact is that science does not even quite understand them all. So to a certain extent it is very hard to predict who is most likely to suffer from acne and exactly when it is likely to strike. Some people begin having to deal with acne when they are barely into their teens while others may get through their teen years with beautifully clear skin only to be struck by acne breakouts as an adult.

There are some generally accepted things that can be done to try to prevent acne and breakouts that everyone can benefit from, no matter what their age, gender or previous experience with acne breakouts. Here are of seven the most effective:

1. Keep Your Skin Squeaky Clean

While we are not suggesting that you wash your face ten times a day or spend half of it in the shower the cleaner you keep your face and body the less likely it is that acne breakouts will occur. What is essential is that you remove every trace of dirt and makeup for your face at night before you go to sleep (however late it is) and that you never skip that after gym shower, as doing so is an almost surefire way to encourage the growth of body acne.


2. Maintain a Healthier Diet

There has been a lot of disagreement and controversy over the years about diet and the way it might affect the acne prone. Does eating an excessive amount of chocolate really cause zits? How about fried foods? Can they be a contributing factor?

Current scientific wisdom holds that no one food – or food group – is proven to actually cause acne but no one disagrees with the notion that maintaining a healthier diet will encourage clearer, healthier skin. And as that is what you really should have been doing all along the clearer skin bit is really only just one of the many positives that will come from cutting out junk foods and excessive sugar and adding a few more fruits and veggies instead.


3. Drink More Water

Another thing that everyone should be doing anyway is drinking plenty of water every day. Not to the point where you feel like a camel but at least the recommended eight glasses a day. When it comes to the skin not only will drinking more water help keep it softer suppler and healthier but many of the toxins that can contribute to sudden acne breakouts will be ‘washed away’ every day making a sudden acne breakdown less likely.


4. Get Savvier About Your Makeup

It was once thought by many that the mere act of wearing any makeup would cause acne. Science now says that is not necessarily the case, and that provided you cleanse the skin well before bed it may do no harm at all.

What can be a problem however is wearing cosmetic products that clog the pores while you are wearing them. It’s for this reason that if yours is acne prone skin you should be looking for products that are labeled Non-Comedogenic, as they will be less likely to block pores and lead to acne breakouts.

The other thing to consider about acne and makeup is the way you apply it. Many of us apply foundations with our fingers because that is the fastest – and often most efficient – way to do so. However, as your fingers are exposed to all kinds of bacteria all the time the chances are good that you’ll be transferring it to your skin as you make up, potentially leading to acne and breakouts.

To solve that problem, apply all makeup with sponges and brushes and ensure that you keep these tools as clean as possible between uses. And in fact the less you touch your face in general the better it is, so if you have a habit of doing so making a conscious effort not to will help prevent breakouts and keep your skin cleaner and healthier in general.


5. Change Your Bedding More Often

Maybe you don’t even realize it but as you sleep you sweat and all kinds of bodily fluids and dead skin cells quickly become attached to your sheets and pillowcases. You may not be able to see this – these are basically microscopic particles – but all that gunk is there and builds up rather quickly. And sleeping in it night after night transfers all of that gunk to your skin, potentially causing acne breakouts.

The solution to all of this is pretty simple though; change your sheets and pillowcases once a week. Yes, maybe that’s a bit of a hassle, especially since to the naked eye they look pretty clean, but not only will doing so help prevent acne breakouts but you’ll just be sleeping in a much nicer environment anyway.


6. Check Your Detergent

If you are prone to acne breakouts on your body and you really are not sure why the answer may lie in your washing machine. Many modern laundry detergents do contain some pretty powerful cleansing agents that are tough on dirt but also pretty harsh on your skin. Many people who have suffered from bacne (back acne) and other bodily acne problems have seen great improvement after switching to a gentler laundry detergent that is less irritating to their skin. Give it a try, it may not be the cause of your breakouts but you’ll never know if you don’t try.


7. Avoid Too much stress at all cost

Stress has now been found to cause – or at least contribute to – all kinds of health problems. Everything from sudden weight gain to an increased risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes has now been linked in some way to excessive amounts of stress. And while no evidence has been presented yet that stress can actually cause acne breakouts it has been shown that it can make an existing one even worse.

We do know that avoiding stress is not that easy but if you can try to get into the habit of making a conscious effort to de-stress – go for a walk, listen to some great music, learn not to sweat the small stuff – you’ll be doing your whole body – including your skin – a big favor.

Now we are not claiming that if you follow all of this advice you will never suffer with acne and acne breakouts again. As we mentioned earlier, acne has lots of causes and some of them – like a genetic disposition to pimples – cannot be controlled by anyone. However implementing this very simple, common sense advice should help reduce the number of times you have to deal with acne.

Have you tried any other methods to prevent acne we haven’t mentioned here? If so we’d love to hear about them and how they worked out for you.

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